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Own Label Range

CF Pharma offer own brand labeling on a full range of proprietary and custom made products. Taking advantage of our expertise, this ever growing market allows practices to benefit from our years of dedicated R&D.

To stay ahead of the rest of your market rivals, launch your own branded products; take advantage of the extra margin it generates and we will do the rest. The process is simple; we will listen to your requirements, advise you on our product options and their USP's, agree a label design, produce the run, large or small, deliver and train your staff.

The veterinary nutraceutical sector is dominated by very few brands which means that you are effectively competing with every other Vet in the country, selling exactly the same range of products. Industry data proves that by offering your own brand label you can increase your customer's loyalty, repeat business and thanks to years of own brand marketing their assumptions of gaining better value!

How will your business benefit?

By selecting one of our leading formulation we offer the opportunity to create your own brand.

  • Enhance Sales
  • Creates Brand Loyalty
  • Build Brand Recognition
  • Add value and retention
  • Direct Input on your Brand
  • Customise your Marketing
  • Discourages Price Comparison
  • Higher Margins


If you are interested in creating your own brand please contact one of our brand specialists today at


+353 (0)51 439010

Coming soon

We will soon be offering the facility to create and customise your brand through our online portal. Check back soon.