Science Serving Wellbeing

Human Healthcare

CF Pharma’s human healthcare range consists of a number of medical device, food supplements and biocidal OTC pharma products. The range includes women’s health, gastrointestinal health and skin/wound care products. Our HOCL skincare range is based on shelf stable hypochlorous technology which delivers the highest efficacy with remarkable safety.

Animal Healthcare

CF Pharma develop and manufacture a novel range of nutraceutical products for companion animals, equine and livestock. The product portfolio consists of products for gastrointestinal, joint, calming, skin/wound, ear and dental health.

Achieving scientific excellence together

Nutraceuticals (From concept to market) Veterinary Dietetic Foodstuff

CF Pharma develop and manufacture a novel range of nutraceuticals (veterinary dietetic foodstuff) for companion animals, livestock and equine. The compounds are obtained from food sources that provide health benefits and health promotion.

Medical Devices and Biocides

CF Pharma design, develop and manufacture a range of class I, class IIa medical devices and biocidal products which are clinically proven and validated efficacy and safety testing completed.

Hypochlorous (HOCl) / Technology

CF Pharma’s HOCl is based on shelf stable hypochlorous which delivers the highest efficacy yet with remarkable safety. It is dermatologically tested and is safe for the whole family along with being proven to kill SARS-CoV-2, the cause of Covid-19.

Manufacturing in a regulated environment

CF Pharma have a full ISO 13485 and HACCP accredited manufacturing, laboratory and warehousing facility in Kilkenny with highly skilled personnel, assuring quality assured products in a regulated environment.